A collection of folk myths

Karine Story

One hot summer day, Grandfather Fox trotting along a deep forest trail came to the edge of a small, deep river. Knowing that the river was deep and he could not see under the surface of the water; he decided to rest on the bank in the cool shade and figure out how he was going to safely cross.
In the nearby bushes, many rabbits were watching the old fox. Soon their curious minds got the best of them so they slowly approached the resting fox. When they neared the fox they asked the wise old fox why he was sitting by the river and staring at it? “I’m sitting here using my wisdom to come up with a plan to cross the river,” he said. “One must have a plan. If you do not have a plan, then one can not build a strong bridge to safely cross the river.” This made sense to the rabbits and who was going to challenge a wise old fox. So the rabbits sat with the old fox waiting for the answer to his question. For many days they sat there waiting.
One day, a jaguar came to the river’s edge. This jaguar was huge. The jaguar walked to the edge of the river and then swam across the river.
A few minutes later, a tiny mouse came to the river. The tiny mouse first looked upstream, then downstream. Finding a thin tree branch that reached over the river the tiny mouse climbed the tree and crossed the river without getting one tiny foot wet.
The rabbits saw the jaguar swim the river and the tiny mouse cross the river so they wondered why they couldn’t swim or find a strong tree branch to cross the river. So they continued to wait until the wise old fox had a plan.

This story starts with a Jackrabbit.

Well, Jackrabbit was walking down the street until he saw a snake, named Slippers.

Together, Slippers and Jackrabbit continued to walk until they came to an empty flowerpot. They picked up the flowerpot and put it on Jackrabbit’s back.

Well these two friends, with their pot, were walking down the trail when they decided to stop because they saw an Alaskan Bull Moose. The Bull Moose said, “Put the pot on my back and tell me where we are going.”

Walking together they came to a rainforest, and of course it was raining. The empty pot on the back of the moose filled with water.

So they stopped for a minute to rest and guess what they saw? They saw two deer.

Again, the group started walking and were joined by the two deer. They walked until they came to some rocky hills and caves.

In the hills, they found a large bone and put it on the back of the two xxx videos deer.

They began to walk again and came to a house. This house was so nice they wanted to stay for a year.

Deciding to stay, they removed the full pot of water and the bone from the backs of the two deer and moose. And, they rested.

The children who lived in the house came outside and saw the animals lying on the lawn so they told their mother.

The children’s mother put dirt into the pot with the water. Then she planted a seed.

The bone? Well…it went to a museum.